If you are a .NET developer and/or a micro-ISV I recommend you take a few minutes and have a look at Project Glidepath that went public today:


“The release of Windows Vista will create a new wave of demand for applications that MicroISVs supply. We at Microsoft know how many new features and APIs we have added to Windows Vista as well as we understand how challenging it is to start and keep a MicroISV business running. Project Glidepath is designed to provide the knowledge you, as a MicroISV, need to be successful by providing step-by-step instructions for everything from how to get started with Windows Presentation Foundation to how to write and publish a press release.” – from the intro.

Disclaimer: I’m involved with this project. That said, Microsoft – at the highest levels – wants to help build thousands of successful micro-ISVs, and whatever you’re feelings are about Microsoft, it is very worth your time to see what they now offer.