Julien Codorniou, the program manager for Microsoft BizSpark, emailed me this morning to tell me I’m the second most active BizSpark Network Partner worldwide!


I hate being second. Especially when that means almost besting all those stuffy VC’s with their staffs, VLE (Very Large Egos) and their hundreds of millions of dollars. So let me up the ante a bit.

For the rest of 2008, anyone who emails me to get enrolled in BizSpark who qualifies and enrolls will get a free copy of MicroISV Sites that Sell!. That should help. Now I wish I could give you an hour of free consulting time, but since I’m getting zip from Microsoft for doing this (not even a Zune I can re-gift to somebody I don’t really like), no can do. But the ebook should help.

Please! Before you email me at bob.walsh@47hats.com, you have to be a startup selling to the public or be in the process of creating a real startup – contractors/consultants/custom programmers don’t qualify. See these specifics (the column headlined, “For Technology Startups”.

Then in your email, tell me your company name, your startup URL or a bit about your startup idea (nothing proprietary, but just enough so I can with a clear conscience say you’re doing a startup.). I’ll send you the super secret unique one time only code and you start getting about $50K worth of Microsoft software/licenses.

Also, 47Hats is now a Microsoft BizSpark Partner and BizSpark vs. Empower should answer any questions.

I really hate being second.