Got the following one today (unedited save for adding links):

Hey guys,

After listening to your podcast and getting Bob’s MicroISV eBook for free (offer from him for being bizspark member) (note I also found it so helpful that I paid for it anyway) I decided to do something about my horrible site.

The product this site was for is a pretty niche thing.  (controller for an RS232 device – a syringe pump).

I blamed my paltry sales on the small market.  After figuring out the potential market (the manufacturer is making a living selling these things so there had to be lots of room for growth for me – and I have no competition as far as I know) I figured there had to be a way to get more sales.

The eBook, combined with the hanselminutes episode about the timesnapper guy and the timesnapper guy’s 25 things to do list was an eye opener.

I just got off the phone with another sale today – this one from MIT – and am thrilled.  My sales for Feb 2009 is about 20%-25% of my total sales for the last 2 years combined.  (still nothing to write home about, but it is going in the right direction)

So, thanks guys.  The podcast and ebook were wakeup calls.  I still had a lot of work and research to do on my own, but without the kick in the pants I would have been still kidding myself about the lack of sales and waste of time.  (I still have to fix my paypal IPN scripts, upload more screenshots, make a huge download now button, write more faq entries, make some screen recordings/videos, but I am happy with the improvement.  I had the cliche horror-show butt-ugly do it yourself web site from the 90s.  (I am a C++ developer, not a web guy))