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  • Paul Morey, founder of MiddleClick has just started releasing demos on the Tutorials Page of his Windows app launcher program – one per fortnight for two more months. Paul thereby demonstrates 3 things: How nice snappy videos can sell a good product, how to keep prospective customers coming back to your site and there are still good .com domains can be had.
  • Nico Westerdale has launched a new startup (Bits du Jour is going just fine), called, a micro-affiliate service that converts your current customers into an active sales force. Cool idea. I think any time you can give a satisfied customer a reason to talk about your product, to add their reputation to your’s, that’s a good thing.
  • Wayne Allen over at, a Subversion/Bugzilla/MantisBT hosting service is offering a free copy of Mike Mason’s new ebook Pragmatic Guide to Subversion with your paid subscription.

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  • I can see the analogy: Dealing with “Information Overload” at
  • Ash Maurya has made the first 2 chapters of his forthcoming book, Running Lean, available. I really like Ash’s approach to making Lean Startup methods practical and non-faith-based startup building in general. Even if you decide not to pre-order the book, grab these two chapters.
  • Tech news these days is like ten firehoses hitting you in the face: if you’re looking for a good daily summary, check out Lauren Indvik over on Mashable and her “This Morning’s Top Stories in Tech and Social Media” posts – short, and good stuff. Hopefully Mashable will add a custom RSS feed for this feature, especially if you email them. In the meantime, will get you there., The Startup Success Podcast and other plugs:

  • What’s new at ( is a subscription-based community of startup founders; if you’re not already a member, get your free 30 day free trial membership):
    • No new guides this period.
  • New at the Startup Success Podcast:
    • Show #86 [link] [iTunes]. This week Bob and Pat talk with Matt Spradley, founder of Impirus Legal Websites.Impirus provides a “WordPress/Basecamp” tailored experience for solo legal practitioners, and Matt talks candidly about the challenges and opportunities of selling to not-early adopters, how and why Impirus is using Windows Azure (“Have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.”) and more.
  • Tired of being stuck in neutral in your startup? Why not do a MicroConsult with Bob Walsh? Instead of hypotheticals and too much information, Bob will work with you for an hour via Skype developing 8 to 10 specific todos that will get your startup in gear.Here’s what one recent client had to say:

    “I’ve been waiting for a long time for Bob to offer consulting. I just had my first MicroConsult with him and I am thrilled. From my jumbled thoughts he helped me form the right questions to ask, bringing depth and focus to my next business hurdles. Then we worked together to build a plan of action I can handle. Equal parts mentor, project manager and therapist, Bob helps you make the next strategic step forward.”
    – Corey Maass, Gelform

    Details at

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