Whether it’s the latest set of Heroku commands or alternative revenue models for your startup, you need one place to store all the vital bits, ideas, and decisions. I recommend Evernote. While there are lots of alternatives (Wikis, Circus Ponies Notebook, plain text files, etc), Evernote gives you a set of nice features (versioning, formatting, device ubiquity, robust search) that no other single app has.

Here’s a list of what I have in my Evernote notebooks on DeveloperMemory:

  • Definition of the unmet need,
  • Various audio notes made while driving, in the bathroom, waiting for the dentist and elsewhere.
  • Dozens of posts culled from my RSS reader (Mr. Reader on my iPad), my desktop browser (Chrome), and email,
  • A list of major definitional decisions and their implications. For example, DeveloperMemory is not a flashcard application and won’t be marketed as such. DeveloperMemory’s primary market is experience developers striving to master the never-ending list of programming languages, frameworks, open source projects and tools relevant to their professional skills,
  • Various stabs at a domain name,
  • All my tech info (Rackspace for Startups info, Heroku notes, WordPress plugins in use now and for the future),
  • Ideas for the product,
  • Pricing model alternatives – pros and cons,
  • Dozens of pages of research from various sites on learning and memory,
  • Various versions of how I explain what DeveloperMemory will be,
  • Pdfs from dozens of cheat sheets I plan to turn into sets in DM (the paid version gives you very good pdf searching),
  • Screen shots of startups I think did a very good job of presenting their products.
I expect to be adding a score or two more notes including:
  • AdWord keywords, adds, and notes,
  • A page for each of the web services I am or will be using to administer, market, or otherwise help DeveloperMemory.
  • The rough and final drafts of each newsletter, mailing, blog post, and tweet,
  • A page for each DevMem member I end up having an extended conversation with,
  • A page for each specific marketing initiative – what it was, how it worked out.
Bottom line, If you don’t presently use Evernote, start a free account today, import in all those bits of digital information you have floating about, and bring some much-needed order to all the whirling bits of relevant information you are fighting to coalesce into a business.
If you are using Evernote, what do you store in it about your startup?