Go take a look right now at your site: What’s the first thing that catches your eye?

If it’s your logo, the start of a video, testimonials about your app – you have a problem.

If it’s the outdated look of your site, a sense too much is crammed into too small a space or that you’ve not updated your product in 6 months – you really have a problem.

The first thing that should get your visitor’s attention is your answer to their most important question: “Why should I care about this?”

If the first thing that gets their attention on your site doesn’t answer the question, nothing else matters. Not your site. Not your product.

The screenshot above is an example of how to do this right: Gauges has a very attractive site, but what starts the ball rolling is they answer the right question right off. And they do it in a way that:

  • Speaks to their customers – not to just anyone.
  • Focuses on what their product does for their customers.
  • Explains at a high level how their product delivers what their customers care about.

The pitch, hook, headline is your answer to why you are worth one more precious second of your visitor’s time. How well does your site answer that question?

(If you think your site nails it – comment your URL. If it doesn’t, email me and I’ll try to make a quick suggestion. If you need more than a quick suggestion, let’s talk.)