The hardest part of building a startup isn’t coding, marketing, building the web site, finding your market, defining your product, raising seed money, raising equity money, getting press attention, building a Twitter or Facebook or Google+ following, finding a URL, setting up a VPS, getting approved by Apple, finding a co-founder, making a YouTube video, writing marketing copy, building a blog, deploying to your server, scaling your servers, managing your cashflow, doing your business taxes, or getting Robert Scoble to notice you.

It’s dealing with the doubts, fears, objections echoing around in your own head, dragging you down. Alone.

Mastermind Groups is an idea that’s been kicking around for 85+ years. Find a number of like-minded people trying to succeed, provide each other with feedback, constructive criticism, different points of view, resources, accountability. Meet on a regular basis, what happens in the group stays in the group, mutual respect and support are the rule.

A quick google makes it clear more than a few people have tried to make money one way or another out of Mastermind Groups. Chris Pirillo, whom I respect, started “Gnomies” a couple of months ago and I wish him well. But that is not kind of Mastermind Group I want to build or join.

What I want to do is find up to 1o technical founders closing in on launching a new startup willing to meet once a week via Skype or probably Google+ Hangouts to brainstorm ideas, get and give feedback, and support each other. did a good writeup on what Mastermind group is really about – I intend to follow it.

Who’s in? Email me at