Years ago, on my first podcast, I interviewed Ned Hallowell, M.D. about his then bestseller, CrazyBusy. Ned’s in the business of helping harried professionals get some sanity back into their lives. The book was a great read, the interview a great listen, but content in doesn’t equate to action out.

Ned’s now launched CrazyBusy Tips (free) with CrazyBusy Pro as an in-app purchase ($1.99) for iOS. Looks awesome – downloading it now, and will post about it in a week or so.

Ned is one smart doctor – I recommend his app sight unseen. But the point here – the conclusion CrazyBusy the App cements in my mind – is the world doesn’t need more passive content – it needs more content designed, structured and delivered for action. Content that people can grab cheap, get into, and get specific measurable results from – be it getting the crazy out of their lives or moving their startups forward.