Build some Momentum

Build some Momentum
Momentum is a key part to your Productivity puzzle

## **Update**: Tuesday; August 24, 2021: Momentum now comes with your choice of background soundscapes. Improve your focus with chimes, rain, cafe, etc...
Momentum - the Chrome new tab replacement - extension, recently added a small, but powerful, new feature: you can create sets of links and open all the links in that set.

This is a huge productivity boost to any developers out there that have to switch in and out of worksets of URLS as clients slack, email and call them.

Not to mention being able to reload your current personal project at the drop of a hat. I can also see using it as a way to define and establish digital routines: package up the sites you go to say in the morning, access them in one go.

Until now, I've been grabbing all my open tabs with the Copy All Urls Chrome extension, then dumping that into Evernote. Then from there, I can re-open what I need. Momentum is great for relatively stable groups of tabs.

Two features I hope they add: populate a Tab Group with more than one URL at a time and read from Chrome bookmarks and/or history.

Still, right now, this one feature abstracts away a few minutes of tab opening and makes it easier to get back to what I was doing.