Getting Ready for 2019 with a Social Media Cleanse

Social Media Cleanse

A Social Media Cleanse in progress.

Just did the first part of my #SocialMediaCleanse to prep for 2019.

Dropped about a thousand Twitter people/products I've been following. Said goodbye to former co-workers I've never heard from, projects that have come and gone, old employers and contract. And Politics - I'm a dedicated politics junkie of the Democratic Persuasion (Impeach Trump), but even I can't hack the Media/Social Media saturation with all things Mueller and Trump. Enough. (at least until the indictments come down.)

Cleaning out my Twitter Feed of all this took about a hour and probably a million brain cells died as I went through all my "Following". I recommend doing it all in one pass, unless you have been following a ridiculous number of people (I started with about 2400 following, ended with 1,300).

The reason I did this is to reclaim my attention. Social Media is all about giving away tiny slices of attention. They add up. A Dyson Vacuum here, a Need to Impeach there, an old employer who never tweets anything but how wonderful they are. I want my attention back in 2019 so I can put that attention on things I create.

There's a huge danger that comes with connecting with everyone and everything via social media: all those connections chip away at your ability to think deeply, to make big plans and multi-step roadmaps to your own future. You become a reflection of everyone else - you get lost in a hall of social mirrors.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not Luditting Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook (ok, yes on Facebook). But I wan to not drag around with me in 2019 like the chained moneyboxes of Jacob Marley my social media past. I see how this works out in 2019. How about you? When's the last time you looked at who are you  following on Twitter and why?