Importing Google Docs into WordPress

I love Google Docs for its simplicity, ease of use and great commenting, so I tend to do a lot of writing there or in markdown. I hate WordPress for its terrible editing form, and turning embedding each image into a five minute battle. I recently completed a longish post on examples of using JotForm Cards to create forms a startup would need from idea to hiring its first contractor. I was not looking forward to importing it into my WordPress site: I knew it would be a major pain. So I was surprised and pleased when Googling "Google Docs to WordPress" to find Wordable. Wordable billed itself as an import service for Docs into WordPress posts or pages. Did the install of their plugin, gave them permission to access my Google Docs, and tried it on my JotForm Startup forms doc. It worked! I was very happily amazed at the job it did on this post with no less than 11 image files. The only changes I had to manually do was changing from


my subheadings - something that I could have skipped if I had thought to take care of this in Google Docs. Anyway, if you often find yourself yearning for a better way to get your Google Docs into your WordPress blog, definitely check out Wordable.