LearnShortcuts is coming your way!


The Review Cards screen is where you want to be.

On and off for the past three years, I've thought to myself, "There ought to be a SaaS app out there that lets me fill in the gaps in my developer education. A service where I could review keyboard shortcuts, commands, and syntax I need every workday."

LearnShortcuts is that application.

LearnShortcuts is for working developers who don't have a lot of time to spare, but who want to improve their knowledge and mastery of the tools they use. At their desktop, and on their phone.

Be it their IDE (Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text), their DevOps skills (bash, git, Heroku, AWS) or their frontend basics (CSS selectors, ES6 syntax, working with node modules), LearnShortcuts gives you an easy platform for improving, and know that you are improving, each of your skillsets.

The process is dead-simple: Review six Cards at a time. If you know the answer to a Card, mark it green, not so much, yellow and not at all, red. Pick what you want to learn by adding Sets of cards to your account. Repeat each workday - on your desktop machine or on your phone.

As you do these Reviews three things are happening:

  • Each review etches that Card just a little bit deeper into your longterm memory,
  • LearnShortcuts will show you Cards you don't know more often and retire Cards you've marked as green,
  • Your progress earns you points, making it easy to say compare how you did last week with this week.

What's going on here?

LearnShortcuts is based on three core educational principles:

  • Pounding things into your memory doesn't work. Instead, repeatedly reviewing information in small chunks does work.
  • Repetition works, and spaced repetition works better. In other words, if you want to learn for example how to in CSS select all of .jpg images, see this line:
  • Mnemonics work when they are vivid and absurd. Each Card in LearnShortcuts has a sentence or two painting a work picture connecting the parts of that card. They tend to be ridiculous images: but the associations in those words helps deepen the memory channel you're trying to create.

I'm pricing LearnShortcuts at \$9.95/month or less, depending on which Stripe-enabled subscription you settle on after a 7-day free trial.

I plan to add new Sets each and every week: subscribe to LearnShortcuts blog to get these announcements. Also, please suggest subjects for Sets by clicking the Suggest A Set button on the Sets Page.

I wanted to create an app that makes an immediate, measurable improvement in the skills of developers - check it out at LearnShortcuts and let me know what you think!