Splitting the difference

I've always been a tripolar guy: on one hand, being a developer, making a living writing code for various companies. On the other hand, writing: either full books like The Web Startup Success Guide, posts like the one you're reading or content for various startups. On the third hand, doing what I call Microconsults: I work with the founders of a self-funded startup to identify eight to ten specific things that would help their startup, get them momentum and increase sales. Like I said, tripolar. Well, for 2018 I want to really build up that part of my business so I've moved it over to microconsults.com. From now on, there you will find all new posts concerning the trials and triumphs of running your own startup, and not incidentally, how to directly book me for a microconsult. Meanwhile, back at 47hats.com, you'll find my more technical posts, and info about the new book I'm writing, which will soon have a site of it's own. Please do make the journey over to microconsults.com if my writings have over the years been useful; I will be writing there much more frequently.