There's a new MacOS development tool and it's named Fig.

There's a new MacOS development tool and it's named Fig.
Fig gives your terminal autocompletions.

If you're a developer, you work in the terminal. Here's a way to make the time you spend in the terminal more productive: Fig. Fig adds autocomplete to your terminal window - Terminal, iTerm, or even in Visual Basic Code.

Fig's URL
Fig at work in Terminal

While Fig is in beta, you can get on the waitlist easily enough and get the app. Just visit the site, enter your email and click the waitlist button. Then, join the Discord board for fig.
Fig is not limited to general commands like git, but can tap into language-specific commands. I'm a Rails developer, so seeing this:

Fig doing Rails

Besides providing autocompletion for standard linux/language commands you can:
- Create a stack of commands using Fig's visual shortcuts. Check out Fig Shortcuts to see how this works!

- Learn commands by using them and letting Fig show you (pulled directly from the man page) what that command is for.

- Create autocomplete sets for your team members. If you've ever had to deal with a stack of company-specific commands and variables (think docker, VPN, etc. etc. here), this feature promises to be a real timesaver!

Update: Wes on the Fig Team just let me know this morning that they "just rolled out a bunch tooling to make that much easier. More info at Thanks Wes!

The small Fig Team is very approachable - either by email or on Discord.

Fig has $2.2 million in seed funding from a host of investors who know about coding:
- Jason Warner (former Github CTO)

- Adam Gross (former Heroku CEO)

- Scott Belsky (Adobe CPO)

- Will Gaybrick (Stripe CPO)

- Quentin Clark (former CTO of Dropbox)

- Steve Herrod (former CTO of VMWare)

- Calvin French-Owen (Segment co-founder)

- Olivier Pomel (Datadog CEO)

- Kevin Hartz (Xoom & Eventbrite founder)

If you like autocompletions in your editor of choice, you are going to love Fig!